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Find mates, not dates

“Plonked me in a kooky pub with 3 people just like me and we all walked away friends.”  (Xander, 27)

Stumbling into a new mate at the pub, your local bus stop, or at Woolies... It’s a nice idea, but it’s recently become a whole lot harder to do in person. We love the idea of chance meetings, but we also believe you’re worth more than your best awkward introduction.

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“Getting matched up with my group was super easy, I was honestly impressed at how chill the process was.” (Anthea, 27)

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Meet for a bev

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"We've already organised a 2nd catchup in a couple of weeks!" (Dan, 28)

You want to meet new people. So do the people we match you with. No matter the reason, we line you up with others who share the same values and interests that you do. Meeting up is less scary when you have something to talk about.

Here's what we match you on.
Going out

Going out

Staying in

Staying in

Keeping fit

Keeping fit

Getting outdoors

Getting outdoors

Creative talents

Creative talents

Conversation topics

Conversation topics

Drink preferences

Drink preferences

Life experiences

Life experiences

Personal values

Personal values

"It feels great to know you will be in an environment where you can genuinely be who you are" (Simone, 34)

Unsure about meeting strangers? Here's a few ways we keep you safe
Single gender

Single gender option

Our pods can be mixed or single gender. You can leave it to fate or choose for yourself

Safety in numbers

Safety in numbers

With pods of four, you’re never alone with a stranger

Partner venues

Partner venues

We choose the location and work with the venues so people know where you are

“I hope Foura can help people find the same kind of connections and experiences I’ve been fortunate to have, and if not, then at least give everyone a fun night out and a good story to tell.”
Tam, Founder

Hi my name is Tam and I’m the Founder of Foura.

I’ve been running events to help people meet people for more than 10 years because I love meeting new people, and I love seeing my friends form connections with others.

I had the idea for Foura when I first moved to Sydney 6 years ago and wanted to make friends. I found it so easy when I was travelling solo around Asia, but as soon as I was somewhere that felt like home, it seemed hard to approach people.

More recently, a lot of my mates have moved away. The ones that have stayed are settling down and we have less in common. I still love them just as much, but we don’t really have the time to catch up regularly.

Then the pandemic hit and we all went into lockdown. It’s been easy to stay connected through technology, but it’s also really clear that there’s genuinely no substitute for meeting someone in person.

I felt like I was the person who needed something like Foura, so I decided to have a crack at it. That’s what brought you here.

We’re still fresh, but we’re learning and improving quickly every single time someone uses us.

Thanks for giving Foura a go.

Tam Al-Saad, Founder of Foura

"Foura was a great way to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people" (Cody 30)

96% of people who met up through Foura said they would do it again. Here's what else they said...

Foura is one of the few platforms out there that can improve your social life for real. I loved the idea of meeting new people that share the same interests with almost no effort. The system matches you with people you might have not have the chance to meet elsewhere. Finally an app that's gonna help us connect more and scroll less.

Simone, 33

I had a really surprisingly great time with Foura. Plonked me in a kooky pub with 3 people just like me and we all walked away friends. Honestly it was surprisingly easy to talk to strangers when we'd already been matched up on our interests and all walked in "wanting" to meet someone new

Xander, 27

I had the pleasure of being one of Foura’s very first clients. I really appreciated the experience of being matched with likeminded local people who were also looking to expand their social circle. Would highly recommend 🙂

Jamie, 33

Through Foura I met some lovely, interesting people who I wouldn’t have normally had the opportunity to have drinks and good conversations with. It’s so easy to use and is a great way to make new friends. Highly recommend!”

Maddy, 32

Foura was a great way to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. It was a quality night and I would highly recommend others give it a go. We have already planned our next catch up together!

Cody, 30

I really enjoyed my first experience with Foura. The other 3 people I met were awesome and felt Foura really nailed the matching criteria. Process was easy and super fun. We've already organised a 2nd catchup in a couple of weeks. :)

Dan, 28

I had such a great night! Conversation flowed really easily because Foura had already made sure we had heaps in common, and the people I was set up with were all really interesting people with fun stories - we’ve made plans to go and try what is apparently the best curry house in Sydney soon.

Sarah, 34

There are events for backpackers/travellers/etc to meet people but there really isn't anything for locals. Foura delivered exactly what it said it would.

Phil, 31


Why four people?


Meeting people 1-on-1 can be intimidating and awkward. Having four people there means there helps the conversation to flow but still keeps it relatively intimate so you actually get to know each other. It feels a lot more natural, like having drinks with mates!

Why can’t I chat to my matches first?


The feedback we’ve had is that people rarely meet in person when they use apps and services that let you chat first. You end up going back and forth and never face to face which is just a waste of time.

Foura gets you from sign up to meet up quickly so you can enjoy the fun part - actually meeting people!

Can I bring a friend/partner to my meetup?


Unfortunately not at the moment. Everyone comes into a Foura meetup in the same situation, if you bring someone you already know then it ruins the dynamic of the group and makes things pretty awkward (but we are looking at creating another service that will allow you to do that in the future).

Why are all the meetups in Surry Hills?


It’s a central location which means it should be easy for most people to get to, plus they have a lot of great venues!

Do you sell my data?


No, we only use your data to find suitable matches!

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